How Heavy Is Their Workload

How Heavy Is Their Workload

Something that should be asked during an interview for
a business consultant is about the workload that the
company or the individual has.

If they are willing to give you some names of former
or present clients as references, it’s not a bad idea
to ask them about how attentive the consultant is.

Of course you want to know how well they have helped
their company, but you also want to find out how
quickly they are going to get back to you when you
need to ask a question.

No matter how good a business consultant is, they
won’t be able to do you a bit of good if they aren’t
there when you need their expertise.

One of the reasons why you want to find out how many
clients they have is because it will give you a good
idea of how attentive they are going to be towards
your company.

If the consultant works for a larger company, make
sure that you ask them how many clients they serve
personally, because otherwise they may seem too busy
when in fact they have plenty of time to help your

Some of the questions that you should ask a possible
consultant, other than their number of clients is how
long does it take to have a phone call returned?

How long will it take to hear an answer from email?

No mater what the problem or question is, you want to
that they will respond promptly and give you the same
attention no matter what the reason is for your phone
call or email.

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