How I Lowered My Golf Handicap

How I Lowered My Golf Handicap

How did I lower my golf handicap?
How will you lower your golf handicap?

What would your life be like if you played more Golf?
Wait you say, you don’t have enough time to play more golf?
Have to go to that job, that “You Love So Much”?

Now think about this for a moment, golf is one of the greatest games ever!
Wouldn’t you agree? The sport of Kings.
Fresh air, exercise, out with friends and possibly doing a little business networking.
So how are you going to play more golf?

We know what you have been day dreaming about and it isn’t spending more time at work. Maybe it is about a time in your distant future when you can retire and play more golf or any other leisure activity ,that is not work.

Ever since I set myself free from the day to day job and created a successful online business, I have been able to play more golf and when the weather turns to winter my sport of choice is skiing.

So How much lower would your golf handicap be? How good of a skier would you be?

Spending my days doing what I chose to do and not driving into a dead end job has been great for my game and great for my health. Is your job killing you?

So How can I spend so much time having fun?
Would you really want to know?

Keep with me, and I will let you in on the secret to success.
Do everyday what you love to do is a great advantage over just doing what you have to do.

Learn the secrets to success and strategies of multiple streams of income, to free up your life. Now take the next step and your life and your game will be transformed.

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