Inward Self Insight and Professional Growth

Inward Self Insight and Professional Growth

Turning inward is a process that takes time, preparation, practice and meditation. Time is essentially valuable to us all. We want to learn how to use our time wisely by cutting back some of the things that only hold us back from finishing other duties. Therefore, it is wise to start working toward professional growth by setting up a time management plan. The plan will give you insight and knowledge that you can use to make progress. Prepare, since it will help you stay focused, organized and set up an effective time management scheme.

How to set up a time management plan:
First, think about your daily duties. Think about what you do when you finish your tasks. Next, think about what you do when you are not managing your projects. How do you spend your time? How much of your time is spent handling a single task? How much time do you have in a day? How much time do you spend sleeping? How much time to you spend on entertainment? What about activities or family time and how much time to do you spend mingling with friends.

Once you have finished answering each question, sit down and reflect on your answers. Make sure that you write them down where you can review your notes later. Once you have finished reflecting on your answers, take some time to go over your notes.

Now, make a list of your things to do. Write down the time you spend on each task. Record the time you spend outside of work with family, friends and entertainment. Continue until you have calculated how much time in 24 hours each day is spent on a single action.

Use your list. You want to cutback on time, so make sure that you mark on your list the most important project you must complete each day. How much time can you save by managing one project at a given time? How can you clear up time by preparing for the project ahead of time?

Continue, until you have a well-written list of, to do tasks, which are most important. Each day take care of your most important duties first. Prepare before you start. Keep your desk clear of clutter so that you are sufficient prepared to finish your major task in a timely manner. Have your accessories, such as pens, paper, paperclips and other items handy. This will cutback some time, since you will not be looking around for them. After you finish your major task, start working through your list until you complete each task.

Monitor your time spent per task without allowing it to interfere with your responsibilities. Use a timer. With each task finished, record the time you spent working on the task. At the end of each day take some time to see if you managed the project in a timely way, or if you could find other ways to cutback on time by finishing the task sooner. Stay focused while you work through the time manage setup scheme. Take each step slowly, yet progressively so that you are effectively capable of cutting back time.

Next, move to your home. What do you do once you arrive home? Do you spend hours watching television? Do you spend time with family and friends while putting off other responsibilities? Try this…when you come home, do your chores first. Get the household responsibilities taking care of and then spend some time with your family. Have a nice family dinner with each of you seated around the table. Spend time communication. Find out how each family members day went.

Once you are finished, you may want to relax. Spend an hour watching television with your family and then get your “next day,” clothing and ideas prepared. Take the set of clothes you intend to wear the following day out of your closet and sit them somewhere where you can get to them quickly in the morning. Continue preparing until you have at least 30 minutes each moment to spare of relaxation.

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