Making Money with Internet Marketing the smart way

Making Money with Internet Marketing the smart way

How do you actually make money with Internet Marketing, what steps to you take to deliver the results?

It is easy to get confused with Internet Marketing with everybody saying one thing or another is the Golden key to riches. But how do you actually get started or improve your results?

First you need to take stock of where you are and stop reading your email for a minute.

Ask yourself how many of the great ideas that you have read about have you actually implemented? Then ask yourself how many of those have actually made you money?

For most people the answer is not pretty. But be easy on yourself because there is hope. So where are you now?

For the beginners:
Do you have a Domain Name?
Do you have a Website?
Do you have an auto responder?

What size is your list?
How is your auto responder setup?
How many products do you have or promote?

How responsive is your list?
How is your SEO?
What results are you getting from your advertising dollars?
What money are you making each month?

Now there are many other things that could go on this list, but has it got you thinking?

To improve on these things you need to look at how well you are executing the basics and how much time are you devoting to improving the things that support your internet empire and how much time do you spend chasing your tail or the latest super hot technique.

By the way, most of those super hot techniques rely on the basic stuff already being in place first to execute them properly.

So if things are not exactly where you would like them to be then you need to decide exactly in detail what you want to do about it and set aside some time to do it.

So how do you prioritize your time? Do what the professionals do and keep a diary. Now this may not sound very cool but it works and has worked for a lot of people for a very long time.
Sounds simple right, but are you willing to just do it?

Set aside time each day (or as you choose) to work on setting something up, maybe a new longer series of auto responder messages that encourages the person to take another look at your products or affiliate links.

Improve the sales copy on your website, submit some more articles to the article directories, and be active in forums related to your niche products.

Now all of these basic things will make you money. And when your start making money with the basics then you can start adding things one at a time and see if they improve your sales. Ask yourself do these new techniques suit your style, your products, your mindset, then try them.

So set some goals in your diary and write down some activities that you will do to help achieve those goals and spend more time working on your internet empire than reading emails that are making other people money.

When you are making money these things become more enjoyable and you feel inspired to take it do the next level.

So be kind to yourself, decide exactly what you want to do, decide when you are going to do it and then do it.

Enjoy your Internet Empire, you are doing it for you after all!

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